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Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment

Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment

As Queensland's leading pumping and water treatment organisation, Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment have the capabilities and expertise to provide our customers with expertly engineered fluid handling solutions, which ensure greater productivity and market advantage. With over 40 years industry experience we understand the importance of minimal down-time, quality products and delivering innovative market leading solutions. Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment originated in Mackay, as a family owned and operated company which has grown significantly, now operating extensively throughout the Australian mining, industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic industries. With branches in Mackay, Proserpine, Rockhampton and Brisbane Dowdens are able to confidently service customers throughout Queensland, as well as both nationally and internationally.

"We have been using ProjectToolBelt with MyWebtimesheets within our Engineering Department to track individual engineers and drafters time against projects, based on the specific tasks and activities performed. I have found MyWebTimesheets site to be intuitive and very flexible as an administrator and users have appreciated the ease of drop down selections to reduce the time spent filling in their weekly timesheet. The technical support has been outstanding and very quick to respond to answer any questions I have had. MyWebTimesheets has been the best tool we have found that is fully on-line, off-site and accessible from anywhere and provides the flexibility we need to manage our teams time effectively."

Graham Wood
Sales Support
Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment

George Washington University

George Washington University

George Washington University, Foggy Bottom Campus implemented OnlineStaffLeavePlanner for its Division of Operations - comprising of nearly 500 staff in July 2013.

Eric Hougen, Director, Technology and Information Management was entrusted with finding a solution for managing PTO, Sick, Jury Duty, FMLA and other leave types for its exempt and non-exempt staff. The HR executives wanted reports for integrating with payroll. Eric had some unique requirements for the University staff- their Leave year begins on the1st of July, leave accruals are based on anniversary dates and prorated midyear when the employee completes certain years of tenure. OnlineStaffLeavePlanner's comprehensive leave management settings fulfilled all his requirements. Eric and the HR team is pleased with OnlineStaffLeavePlanner and here is their testimonial.

"Before the George Washington University Division of Operations implemented OnlineStaffLeavePlanner, leave management was accomplished using triplicate forms and data entry into a narrowly available database. Paid leave is one of the most important benefits to our employees and making it convenient to request leave and view leave balances really helps make the Division of Operations a great place to work. The transition from the paper-base method to the electronic method occurred really smoothly even though many of our employees don't regularly use computers. Our supervisors really like the product as well. They can easily see who already been approved for leave when considering new applications to ensure adequate staffing every day. They can click through approvals on their smartphone while waiting for the bus. It really was an instant winner with this group. From a record keeping standpoint, we've been able to extend view privileges to our human resources staff, enabling them to quickly produce reports or calculations necessary to process a variety of HR actions. It's been a pleasure to work with the OnlineStaffLeavePlanner team before and after the implementation. They helped me translate our leave policies and accrual rates into the proper OnlineStaffLeavePlanner configuration and stay in touch to point out new features that fit GWU's environment. I recommend OnlineStaffLeavePlanner to any organization seeking to improve their efficiency and employee satisfaction with an online leave management solution."

Eric Hougen
Director, Technology and Information Management
George Washington University
Washington DC, USA



De is an accounting firm in Te Awamutu, New Zealand. Stuart Yarndley, the Business Manager was looking for a specialized online leave management solution that would fit the needs of his firm and adhere to New Zealand's government policies on leave. He found the best fit in OnlineStaffLeavePlanner. Here is what Stuart has to say about his experience with OnlineStaffLeavePlanner.

"We have been using OnlineStaffLeavePlanner since March 2014 after being with another provider. We are a small accounting firm in New Zealand and originally had paper based system for leave. We found this difficult for the team and ourselves to keep track on who was on leave etc., especially when anyone in the team was wanting to apply for leave. We found an internet leave based system which we used prior to coming to OnlineStaffLeavePlanner, but after approximately 12 months and many attempts, their system couldn’t replicate what we do in NZ around sick leave – which is that the leave allocation doesn’t start until 6 months after commencement date and then is renewed every 12 months from the allocation date (not the persons start date). We also work that people can take leave in advance, so we wanted a system that could handle that as well. As we run our payroll in another system it was important that although OnlineStaffLeavePlanner and our payroll system weren’t linked, the holiday hours were the same in both systems. OnlineStaffLeavePlanner was able to make the tweaks to their system to accommodate the way our sick leave worked in NZ as well as our team being able to use accruing leave rather than waiting for it to become available leave. Another functionality that we really like was the emailing that happened when leave was applied for so the person who approved the leave was notified and the person who applied for the leave was also notified of the result."

Stuart Yarndley
New Zealand

Rimes Technologies Corporation

Rimes Technologies Corporation

Rimes Technologies Corporation is a US based company with more than 160 employees working out of 10 locations around the world. RIMES Managed Data Services helps financial institutions improve quality and reduce costs of ownership risk. When Rimes first approached us in late 2013, they were looking for an absence management solution that was quick to set up and would accommodate the leave types and policies specific to each location that the HR Team manages– ranging from Boston, London, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Nicosia, Shanghai, Sydney and Toronto. They have more than 25 leave types and 57 leave policies for these locations put together that are managed by the HR Team. Leave approvers and overtime approvers sit in different locations. Those who work weekends or overtime are entitled to get compensatory Time off in Lieu. The HR Team continuously monitors the staffing position and Department Heads are given visibility into team calendars. When contacted for their feedback on OnlineStaffLeavePlanner, Global HR Officer Astrid Lambert and HR Executive Stephanie Soto were both equivocal in their response. Astrid said

"OnlineStaffLeavePlanner has been a helpful tool for us. We have seen many improvements in the system over the course of the year that we have used PML, and are overall happy with the portal. The tool is easy to use. The reminder of the policy is useful. It is fairly user friendly for the HR team to manage. Our employees find it easy to navigate as well. The support is good. When we have question, they respond quickly and call to additional information, if necessary."

Stephanie Soto, HR Executive at the Rimes New York office shared her views on the support she receives from OnlineStaffLeavePlanner.

"PML support is great. We typically get a helpful response within one business day with the answers that we need. There were a few challenges with setting up a new employee as there are several important steps to remember to complete. For example, when setting a new hire balance, you have to go the "engine balance" for it to be correct for that specific year. I feel these are additional steps that maybe in the future can be automated. Managing different countries with different rules is challenging. We have seen many system improvements from our implementation at the beginning of the year in 2014. "

Astrid Lambert
Global HR Officer
Rimes Technologies Corporation

Bit by Bit Computer Services (P) Ltd

Bit by Bit Computer Services (P) Ltd

Bit by Bit Computer Services (P) Ltd. has been developing software products since 1991. They have around 40 employees working in three sister concerns. All are managed using one OnlineStaffLeavePlanner account including technical and support staff like drivers , gardeners and cooks. The manager can apply leave and record absences on behalf of those who are not so computer savvy. Both paid and unpaid leaves are recorded. Coming from a software background, the company is well aware of the different HR and leave management products available in the market. They evaluated a few products before choosing OnlineStaffLeavePlanner. When we contacted Raghu Shenoy, the CEO of the company who was the decision maker, he said

"We were looking for a basic HR system and the only requirement was that we hold some essential personal details, be able to attach some scanned documents to each staff record and manage our leave. I evaluated a few systems – ZOHO HR, Just Login and OnlineStaffLeavePlanner. I really liked OnlineStaffLeavePlanner as it ‘ticked all the boxes’ in our requirements and at the same time was simple and intuitive to use. The hand holding by your support team when we started our implementation was excellent and we were able to go live in a matter of a few days. We are happy with our choice!"

OnlineStaffLeavePlanner is used by our customers for tracking leaves of all staff in the company. It acts as a centralized repository of employee information that is accessible anywhere and anytime.It helps them comply with HR regulations and the self service dashboard gives the employees a easy platform to record and see their leave balances easily. This curtails a lot of unexcused absenses.

Raghu Shenoy
Bit by Bit Computer Services (P) Ltd
Bangalore, India

Wirsam Scientifc

Wirsam Scientifc & Precision Equipment (Pty) Ltd

Wirsam is a 45 year old laboratory equipment supply company with 50 staff in branches around South Africa. Here is what Alex the General Manager of the company has to say of his experience with OnlineStaffLeavePlanner.

"We were looking for a solution which would allow us to move away from a paper based leave system and would allow users to apply for leave online and be able to see their leave status at any time without having to ask HR. We found OnlineStaffLeavePlanner on Google and signed up with them for an evaluation first. We found that the leave software could adapt to our company's leave policies and we could track leaves online. We like the fact that users can apply for leave from wherever they are without having to fill in paper forms. The system gives a good overview of everyones leave. Using the Log absences feature we are able to log those who did not turn up for work and have not applied for leave earlier. The set up was relatively easy and most of the work was done by the Support Team of OnlineStaffLeavePlanner. The ongoing support is excellent - we get very fast feedback. They are willing to listen and implement suggestions which is a huge positive for the team. Overall we are very happy to have chosen OnlineStaffLeavePlanner."

Alex Wagner
Wirsam Scientifc & Precision Equipment (Pty) Ltd
Gauteng, South Africa

Thrillophilia Adventure Tours

Thrillophilia Adventure Tours

Thrillophilia offers adventure tours for domestic and international travellers in India. Their travel team curates the best activities and experiences offered by local service providers. Since their inception in 2009, Thrillophilia has more 1500 travel options and 45,000 happy travellers with them. Thrillophillia's co-founder Abhishek Daga was on the lookout for an online leave management tool to manage his quickly growing team.. Every weekday and weekend counts in the travel industry and staff availability planning is a top priority for an adventure tour company. Abhishek wanted to manage compensatory offs, track late coming and define weekly off days schedule for each member his team easily. All this was possible with OnlineStaffLeavePlanner.

"We have completed one full year using and are really happy with the tool. It gives us a lot of flexibility and the way it can be customized as per the needs is pretty awesome. I explored quite a few Indian and international tools before going ahead with and I feel we made the right choice. I have also seen that every month as the tool gets matured we see more functionalities and features getting added. Thanks OnlineStaffLeavePlanner team for this awesome product."

Abhishek Daga
Thrillophilia Adventure Tours Pvt. Ltd.
HSR Layout, Bangalore, India

Tetrad IT

Tetrad IT

Tetrad IT is a proud South African company, providing a full suite of professional services for both on-premise and cloud customer relationship management applications. When Tetrad approached OnlineStaffLeavePlanner - one of the challenges they faced was to give their clients who hired Tetrad's consultants an easy interface to manage their team members. Project managers from the client's side as well as employee supervisors from Tetrad are put on the leave approval path so that both have control and visibility into resource availability.

Here is what Christopher Hardy, Director of Tetrad has to say about Tetrad's experience with OnlineStaffLeavePlanner.

"OnlineStaffLeavePlanner helped transform our leave system from a manual process of leave forms to an automated and easily verifiable system. The main benefit for us as a consultancy firm is that it allows our clients to be part of the leave approval process. Employees are now to be able to manage leave days effectively. The leave management system also provides ease of reporting for managers and flexible tools to meet their needs."

Oscar Sibanda from Tetrad IT who set up the systerm for the company and helped with the evaluation says

" The application is working perfectly for us. Now after using OnlineStaffLeavePlanner both our clients and we are happy. And we have a great customer experience and service"

Christopher Hardy
Tetrad IT
Johannesberg, South Africa

Zurich Instruments

Zurich Instruments

Zurich Instruments, founded in 2008, is a fast growing technology leader developing and selling advanced test & measurement instruments for dynamic signal analysis. Adrian Messmer, Senior Development Manager was entrusted with the job of selecting a leave management tool for his company. This is what he has to say about his assignment and why he chose OnlineStaffLeavePlanner over other leave management tools that he evaluated.

"Beginning of 2013, the company decided to introduce a leave management tool and started to evaluate different providers. OnlineStaffLeavePlanner was selected as the preferred tool for several reasons. It offers a wide range of configurable features at a very reasonable price. Finally, the number one selling argument was the excellent customer service which we experienced. During the evaluation phase, Zurich Instruments identified some requirements which the tool was not yet able to address. We are very impressed about the reactivity and speed with which the support team is closing those gaps, not only before the launch at Zurich Instruments, but still today. We always face an open attitude and positive spirit when proposing improvements. Therefore, we are happy to recommend OnlineStaffLeavePlanner to any other company that needs to introduce a leave management tool."

Adrian Messmer
Senior Development Manager
Zurich Instruments Ltd
Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland



Qinec is a rapidly growing practice management software company serving more than 3,000 clinical professionals with over 1,000,000 patients. Qinec is committed to providing the very best practice management platform to customers in the UK and abroad.

Qinec needed a leave management application that adapted well to their growing needs and was easy to set up, manage and use. They were looking for a quick and nimble application that allowed them to access staff information and leave balances at a glance, was easy to use for all users and scaled well.

Donna Morrison, the Office Manager at Qinec chose to set up her office staff information and leave workflow. It has made everyone at Qinec happy to use OnlineStaffLeavePlanner to apply for leave, view balances and approve or get approved easily.

This is what Donna has to say :

" Our staff love the ease of use of OnlineStaffLeavePlanner! It has helped us automate our staff holiday workflow requests.

The dashboard gives a bird’s eye view of what each staff needs to see. As an Administrator I get complete visibility and control that helps me manage our staff information better. We can get our team and individual calendars at the click of a button. The leave approval screen shows managers a quick picture of resource availability before they approve leaves. Prior to using OnlineStaffLeavePlanner we always found it hard and time-consuming to keep track of leave requests and balance availability. OnlineStaffLeavePlanner has made my job easier!

We chose OnlineStaffLeavePlanner as it was customizable, easy to use and has made our staff absence management workflow a breeze. We were able to easily carry our data when our company name changed mid-way and the email ids of staff changed. It has been a smooth experience for us and all our staff love using OnlineStaffLeavePlanner. The customer service is excellent and OnlineStaffLeavePlanner continues to innovate and improve the product everyday. They were quick and responsive to our customization needs.

We would gladly recommend OnlineStaffLeavePlanner to any company looking to ease their office administration. "

Donna Morrison
Office Manager
Qinec Limited
10 Leake Street, London, SE1 7NN

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