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Quick and efficent web timesheet software that makes project managment and billing easy

Whether you are running an IT Department or an architect’s office, an accountancy firm or a marketing office knowing how much time is spent on what activity by your employees is important. MyWebtimesheets gives you an enterprise-class time and project tracking tool at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions — and without an IT investment. Mywebtimesheets gives total visibility into how your workforce spends their time, their activities, and their efficiency. With it is easy to set the fields you want to capture on your timesheets that will help you manage your resources, time and costs easily and efficiently.

With MyWebTimesheets it is easy for your employees to know what they need to track and how to make entries easily. Timesheets can be submitted for approval on configurable approval paths with up to 3 levels. You can organize and manage your timesheet formats in the way that makes the most sense for your business needs.

Customize timesheet approval process workflow by client and project, by routing to line managers or supervisors, project managers or team leads, at 3 levels. MyWebtimesheets is fully integrated with Planmyleave ( HRIS and Leave management modules which includes time and attendance clock ins, setting multiple leave types and policies, leave approval workflow, defining public/company holidays for multiple locations and team calendars showing resource availability. This gives visibility and control of your employee data for HR Staff and Management.

Online, Offline, or Mobile Timesheet Entry

With software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, MyWebTimeSheets provides users with the ability to enter timesheets and approvals online, anytime, anywhere, using a standard browser and an internet connection. Users can stay connected even while on business travel or on the way home by entering timesheets on their mobiles via standard internet connections on mobile browsers or PDAs.

Web timesheet software with Time tracking
Online simplicity and efficiency

Increase efficiency and save time for staff and managers

Easy time capture
Easy time capture

Simplified timesheet and timesheets approval process to help you stay focused on work

 Web timesheet software with Time tracking
Task-level time tracking

Capture time spent by customer, project, task and activity. Custom notes can also be attached for each cell or row

Web timesheet software with Time tracking
Client management

Manage your customer data by adding client project managers and team member who can also form part of the approval path

Web timesheet software with Time tracking
Time off request management

Integrated with Planmyleave for comprehensive online leave management

Activity level time tracking
Activity level time tracking

Know what your team is working on everyday. Get Activity reports and reports by customers or projects based on timesheets entered

Overtime tracking
Overtime tracking

Set restrictions and validations for timesheet entries. Track overtime to help manage your projects efficiently

Management reports and analytics
Management reports and analytics

Generate timesheet reports by users, projects, teams, tasks and activities. Management Analytics graph for quick reference

Coordinate Timesheet Management and Project Tracking with Projects

Manage timesheets to the level of detail required by each unique project, and your overall business needs and integrate time tracking with ProjectToolBelt our project management module to enable real-time updating of project status and results against key deliverables. Track time worked by project, phase and/or task and add any notes or descriptions required. Allows time tracking to be classified by billable or non-billable hours and expedites project and time billing.

Time analytics

Track company hours, project cost and budgets on a user friendly simple interface.

Detailed time capture

Capture employee timesheets with details of customers, projects and tasks and cell entry notes.

Powerful customization

Best in class customization to validate entry fields, size of entry fields and allowable hours and ranges.

Integrated HR & Time-off

Capture Employee details, set time-off rules and manage your projects in one integrated tool.

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