Make life simpler for Project managers,Team members, business owners and HR

timesheet software
HR info Repository

Flexible timesheet entries

  • Weekly and daily views
  • Start and end times
  • Working week can start on any day
  • Allow time entries for all days of the week
  • Custom timesheet periods
  • Allow advance time entries
Holidays and weekly offs

Custom settings

  • Multiple language support
  • Set time entry range with warning
  • Set submit deadlines
  • Late submit reasons
  • Audit change reasons
  • Set Approval triggers
  • Configurable approval paths
  • Incomplete timesheets reminders
Leave Accruals

Custom Approval settings

  • Approvers from project team and external customers
  • Upto 3 approvers like supervisor, department manager, team lead
  • Set watchers by location
  • Set Escalation rules
  • Select Specific users in approval paths
  • Enable Auto approvals
Custom Settings of Leave types and policies

Project Management

  • Unlimited projects, tasks,clients
  • Task delegation
  • Team view
  • Add and reassign team members
  • View Team calendars
  • Integrated with HRIS and Leave Management
Company holidays and weekly off

Email alerts and Reminders

  • Timesheet entry reminders
  • Timesheet approval reminders
  • Submission due reminders
  • Insufficient time entry reminders
  • Overtime alerts
Set Watchers

Manage Time and Attendance

  • Clock in clock out attendance
  • Accurate Overtime calculations
  • Improve compliance with overtime rules
  • Self service time off requests
  • Advanced accrual rules
  • Accurate time off balance calculations


  • Reports by customer, user, projects, task and activity
  • Full audit trail
  • Ability to export to Excel or any other spreadsheet
  • Graphical display time breakups for projects
  • Custom filters and groupings
  • Individual and team reports
Multi- location customization

Mobile access to timesheets

  • Cloud based time tracking
  • Anytime, anywhere access to timesheets
  • Easy intuitive interface
  • Configurable approval paths
  • 100% online, no client or server installation necessary
Employee Self service dashboard

Easily track time and costs

  • Gain insights into project progress
  • Optimize Client Billing
  • Improve project Costing
  • Increase capacity planning
Editing submitted-approved leave requests

Seamless integration

  • Integrate with existing HR and payroll
  • Integrated with Planmyleave - HRIS and Leave Management
  • Contact us for API
View past leave approvals


  • View team calendars in one click
  • View monthly calendars of employees
  • Plan staffing availability with yearly views
  • Integrate calendars with Outlook, Google calendar and iCal
View who else is off at the same time

Multi- location customization

  • Multi language support
  • Multiple date formats
  • Custom leave types and policies
  • Set custom holidays for each location / department
  • Form teams of employees from multiple locations to see team leave calendars
  • Create your email templates to go out in your own language when notification emails are sent
Supporting Document Settings

Employee Self service dashboard

  • View time spent on projects, tasks and activities
  • Quick and easy interface for timesheet entry
  • View pending timesheets and approve online
  • Real time info of hours and leave balances
  • Online leave application, approval and email notifications

"Free up your time and save costs using MyWebTimesheets"

Timesheet management made simple and easy for employees to use and managers to bill.